"Tent is a protocol for social networking. Tent is open, decentralized, and built for the future. Tent changes everything. Tent allows every user to run their own server, but like email and the web, most users will use a hosting service to handle it." - from the tent.io website.


Drupal private files

Maak een de folders private/files aan naast de public/ folder. Ga naar Administration -> Configuration -> Media en vul daar bij prive in: ../private/files. Maak een fieldtype for files aan in een contenttype en kies voor private files. Het zou nu moeten werken.


PHPUnit on Ubuntu 12.04

This is what happens when you want to install PHPUnit on Ubuntu 12.04:


Moving Drupal fields to the sidebar

Don't you wish you could display some of the fields in the sidebar? Well, you can.

1. Change the display of the contenttype you want to use and hide the fields you do NOT want to display in the main content area. (/admin/structure/types/manage/page/display)

2. Go to views. (/admin/structure/views)
Create a new view of the type "block" and state that you want to show some "fields". Choose "continue and edit".


Nokia gave up on the n900

When the n900 came out, it's hardware was better than anything else. A better screen, a faster processor and full of hardware features like an fm-trasmitter.
The apps were comming out slowly and quality was sometimes (just) under par, but you could get things done.
Nokia gave up, dumped meamo, meego and probably Qt by now.
(My phone is a Samsung with Android 4.0.3; my tablet is an Apple iPad)


Making a view with menu child items

Set the contextual filter for field "Menu: Parent menu link id", this will let you select a parent page as a filter. The php argument code can be:

$current = end(menu_get_active_trail()); return $current['mlid'];

Thanks to Stafan,http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/2264/how-can-i-create-a-view-o...

Requires that you have menu_node and menu_node_views installed.


Zend_Layout in ZF1

To get the layout instance in a controller:
$layout = $this->_helper->layout()->setLayout('layoutname');

To get the layout instance in an action:
$layout = $this->_helper->layout()


Drupal commandline with drush

Download Drupal:
cd /home/[username]
drush dl --yes --destination=/home/[username] --drupal-project-rename=public
cd public

Install Drupal:
drush si standard --yes --db-url=mysql://[mysqlusername]:[mysqlpassword]@localhost/[mysqldatabase] --site-name="[domainname]"
chmod 777 sites/default/files

Get an admin login link:
drush uli

Set the password for any user:
drush upwd admin --password="[cmspassword]"


drush st


PHP Benelux 2012

This years PHP Benelux Conference wat very informative and of course lots of fun. The PHP in the Dark, the Docterine2 presentation and the VIM+*nix=IDE talk were brilliant. And yes, I will most likely be attending next year.


PHP Benelux 2011

Een paar foto's van ons bezoek aan PHP Benelux 2011.



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