I have pulled down the flamepdf code and am not developing it further at the moment. Please let me know if you still require this code Zend Framework had a nice PDF module that I would probably use the next time I need a webapp with pdf.


Mail check

I often bump into people who claim their mail isn't working in php scripts. The first thing I do is chuck this script in and see what happens...

$to = "info@domain.com";
$from = "info@domain.com";
$result = mail($to, "Mail test", 'Mail test', "From: $from" );
echo "The result is : $result (1=good, 0=bad)";



I'm still pretty happy with my n900. It is very powerful and flexible. This will be an uncertain year for Nokia.... let's see where that takes us.

Using Mac OS X's iSync with the n900:


If I have time I would like to give MeeGo a try on my n900, please let me know if you find any good articles that describe this.


Switching to Drupal

Choosing a primairy CMS for all my business was not easy. Drupal came out first on my shortlist. Time-after-time I find myself bumping in to a well-made module, often after I thought that the job would require some javascript or php programming. But the well-known frase applies here: "There's a module for that too".
I have made a couple of modules for internal use at the office, but noting public yet.
To name Drupal a CMS does not do it justice, Drupal is a framework that you use to build your custom CMS.



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