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PHP Benelux 2013 in Antwerpen

My third visit to the PHP Benelux conference and it's always done way too soon.

I still have to work through the notes I made. A great conference!

PHPUnit on Ubuntu 12.04

This is what happens when you want to install PHPUnit on Ubuntu 12.04:


PHP Benelux 2012

This years PHP Benelux Conference wat very informative and of course lots of fun. The PHP in the Dark, the Docterine2 presentation and the VIM+*nix=IDE talk were brilliant. And yes, I will most likely be attending next year.


PHP Benelux 2011

Een paar foto's van ons bezoek aan PHP Benelux 2011.



I have pulled down the flamepdf code and am not developing it further at the moment. Please let me know if you still require this code Zend Framework had a nice PDF module that I would probably use the next time I need a webapp with pdf.


Mail check

I often bump into people who claim their mail isn't working in php scripts. The first thing I do is chuck this script in and see what happens...

$to = "";
$from = "";
$result = mail($to, "Mail test", 'Mail test', "From: $from" );
echo "The result is : $result (1=good, 0=bad)";


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