Speeding up Drupal

Does Drupal feel sluggish? You probably feel the toll when logged in.

Test your site with a speedtest like Pingdom. It gives you a feel for how visitors will experience the site, speedwise.

If your admin section is feeling slow, try this:


Drupal code snippets in wysiwyg editor

After searching for a way to do code snippets in wysiwyg/tinymce, I had to go for wysiwyg/ckeditor/geshi. The ckeditor had to be 3.x (4+ would not work with wysiwyg).

The Drupal modules needed:

The dev version of wysiwyg: http://drupal.org/project/Wysiwyg

The geshi filter module: http://drupal.org/project/geshifilter

The wysiwyg button: http://drupal.org/project/wysiwyg_geshi_button


Suckerfish CSS Drop Down Menus in Drupal

Dropdown menus in Drupal the way I do it. By using the menu_block I am more flexible in how to display the menu. By using block_class I can reuse the css code without having to worry about the id drupal generates for the block.

Step 1. Install menu_block and block_class.

Step 2. Goto /admin/blocks and create a menu_block item with expanded children, a block classname "menublockmainmenu" and place where you like.

Step 3. Add css code.


Programmatically add node translation

When I was trying to add a node translation, it took me a moment to find out the the tnid of the node has to be equal to its nid. By writing about it here I hope others won't have to search as long and far as I did ;).


Drupal Module jumpstart

I'm putting together my own little module-jumpstart-list. These are modules I like to include right after an install (they might not all get enabled).

drush dl views views_slideshow token pathauto webform ckeditor ctools libraries advanced_help menu_block
drush dl imce mollom wysiwyg tinymce imce_wysiwyg


Drupal Module Field Slideshow

This module is nice, it create a simple slideshow of images base on an image field with multiple values.

Kudos to jdanthinne




Drupal private files

Maak een de folders private/files aan naast de public/ folder. Ga naar Administration -> Configuration -> Media en vul daar bij prive in: ../private/files. Maak een fieldtype for files aan in een contenttype en kies voor private files. Het zou nu moeten werken.


Moving Drupal fields to the sidebar

Don't you wish you could display some of the fields in the sidebar? Well, you can.

1. Change the display of the contenttype you want to use and hide the fields you do NOT want to display in the main content area. (/admin/structure/types/manage/page/display)

2. Go to views. (/admin/structure/views)
Create a new view of the type "block" and state that you want to show some "fields". Choose "continue and edit".


Making a view with menu child items

Set the contextual filter for field "Menu: Parent menu link id", this will let you select a parent page as a filter. The php argument code can be:

$current = end(menu_get_active_trail()); return $current['mlid'];

Thanks to Stafan,http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/2264/how-can-i-create-a-view-o...

Requires that you have menu_node and menu_node_views installed.


Drupal commandline with drush

Download Drupal:
cd /home/[username]
drush dl --yes --destination=/home/[username] --drupal-project-rename=public
cd public

Install Drupal:
drush si standard --yes --db-url=mysql://[mysqlusername]:[mysqlpassword]@localhost/[mysqldatabase] --site-name="[domainname]"
chmod 777 sites/default/files

Get an admin login link:
drush uli

Set the password for any user:
drush upwd admin --password="[cmspassword]"


drush st



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