Ubuntu phone, first days...

Last week Mark finally admitted the phone with full conversion would not be for sale any time soon. The very same day I ordered the BQ E5 Ubuntu phone. It arrived a few days later. It's a good size phone, a bit bigger than I expected.

No Whatsapp, that could lead to a problem with friends and family... What I really miss is a way to hook my CalDAV/CardDav server to the phone. Webpages are looking ok (after running all the updates).

More to come...


PhpStorm, Xdebug and zf2 on Ubuntu

After using Eclipse for over three years now, I've switched to PhpStorm. The ease of use and the small amout of time it took me te get the components from the title to work together makes this a no-brainer for me.

The version in de Ubuntu Packages was running a year behind, so I decided to install Xdebug from a git clone and build it from there.

PHPUnit on Ubuntu 12.04

This is what happens when you want to install PHPUnit on Ubuntu 12.04:


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