Browser testing with browserstack

Browserstack lets you use a virtual machine with any browser you could ever need. A must have for every front-end developer. There is a free trial, check it out!

JavaScript syntax checking with jslint and rhino

Today I wanted to do JavaScript syntax checking with JSlint from the commandline (on Ubuntu). A quick online search didn't give me what I wanted. So after digging up the version I wanted from an old laptop, I decided to post this article with a link to the file I needed. Basicly what I needed was rhino (this is an ubuntu user package) and this jslint.js file.

Usage: rhino ~/jslint.js filetocheck.js

Or create an alias in your .bashrc file:
alias jslint="rhino ~/jslint.js"

Then you can use: jslint filetocheck.js

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